Lebanon Trip - April 2018

We've just come back from an amazing trip to Lebanon, tasting lots of food meeting people and bring back some exciting new recipes to share with you. Here's a few short videos from the trip:

One of the top things we ate in Lebanon was this Sfiha (صفيحة) we had at Al Bacha Bakery in Tripoli in the north of Lebanon. Loved meeting the bakers and seeing the bread being freshly shaped and baked. Served simply with some spiced minced lamb and a squeeze of lemon. Can't beat it!

Another favourite food we tried was this man'oushe topped with za'atar - a very popular breakfast dish in most Levant countries. Mohammed, originally from Syria, cooked the flatbreads on a Saj - or domed metal griddle, an ancient cooking technique. We also tried it topped with a traditional slaty dried cheese called keshk mixed with chilli - very tasty!

Exploring along Lebanon's Mediterranean seafront in Tripoli we came across a stall selling freshly caught scallops so of course we had to give them a try!